Oh So Generous, Generous

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Heya peepies, Rory a here.


Friday, May 13, 2011

Want a free month of Poptropica Membership?

You already knew that you could get a Poptropica Game Card and redeem it for 12 weeks of Poptropica Membership. But now, you can get an extra FREE MONTH of Membership when you buy a Poptropica Game Card at Target stores!

That’s 12 weeks PLUS an extra month of Early Access to new Islands, and access to all of the costumes and Gold Cards in the Poptropica Store. This offer is only available for Game Cards purchased at Target.

And since we’re in a free mood around here, here’s a Red Dragon Island wallpaper that you can download, in two different sizes!

1024 x 768
1280 x 1024


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How generous of them!
Anyway, thats all for now. BYE!

One Response to “Oh So Generous, Generous”

  1. Can i please be an author? What do I have to do to become one?

    Rorytheblogger1: I need your email. I would appriciate if you became an author, mainly because this blog is going very badly. If you want, we can arrange to meet up on the PHB chat to comfirm it all.

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